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The medical device industry welcomes important strategic development opportunities

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One, five development principles surfaced

"Planning" that the medical device is an important basis for the construction of medical and health systems, with a high degree of strategic, driven and growth, its strategic position by the world's universal attention, has become a national scientific and technological progress and national economic modernization An important sign. To this end, the plan put forward five development principles, namely: 1) the government to promote and market mechanisms combined; 2) system layout and focus on breakthroughs; 3) the current urgent need and future development; 4) innovation and demand pull 5) based on domestic and international-oriented combination. At the same time, "planning" also proposed to the 2015 development of the overall goal, that is, by 2015, the initial establishment of medical equipment R & D innovation chain, medical equipment industry significantly improved technological innovation; breakthrough a number of common key technologies and core components, focusing on the development of a Batch of independent intellectual property rights, high performance, high quality, low cost and mainly dependent on the import of basic medical equipment products to meet the needs of primary health care system construction and clinical routine treatment needs; further improve the scientific and technological innovation and industrial development policy environment, Cultivate a number of innovative brands, a substantial increase in industrial competitiveness, medical equipment technology industry to achieve rapid development.

Second, highlight the innovation and concern grassroots needs simultaneously

"New planning, new materials, new technologies used in medical equipment research; focus on new biomedical imaging, medical image processing, physiological signal acquisition, biochemical, immune and microbiological testing, organization Repair and regeneration, medical nerve engineering and other basic research. At the same time, "planning" that will focus on the development of grassroots health system construction urgently needed advanced practical products, as well as clinical diagnosis and treatment must be heavily dependent on imports of high-end medical equipment. For basic research, common key technologies, core components and major product innovation and development, to focus on support.

Third, the policy is expected to boost the plate positive growth

In recent years, China's medical equipment industry to maintain rapid growth, its main business income continue to hit a new high, to September 2011, health materials and pharmaceutical products manufacturing industry, the main business income of 72.788 billion yuan, an increase of 38.74%; The total profit of 6.781 billion yuan, an increase of 38.66%. Comparison of other sub-sectors of pharmaceutical industry, equipment industry profit growth close to revenue growth, indicating that the industry profitability stronger than other sub-sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.

From the export point of view, the medical device industry, the amount of import and export steady growth, as of November 2011, the export delivery value reached 10.169 billion yuan, an increase of 30.49%. Recently, by the broader market adjustment effect, has long been higher valuation of the medical device plate adjustment is larger, to 6 months for the interval statistics, medical device index fell 34.60%, run the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 12.86 percentage points; Month for the interval statistics, medical equipment index run Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 20.02 percentage points.

After adjustment, PE equipment PE valuation from the peak of 60-70 times down to the current 36 times or so. From its relative valuation of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 valuation point of view, has fallen from the historical peak of about 361% to about 240% of the current. Although the future development prospects of the industry is good, but because of the relative valuation is still high, the future there is the risk of continued adjustment.

Fourth, investment strategy

The next six months, to maintain the medical device industry "attractive" rating. With the continuous introduction of favorable policies in the medical device industry, as well as the huge market of factors such as aging and health care reform, we are optimistic about the future long-term development prospects of the medical device industry and maintain the "attractive" in the next six months of the medical device industry Rating. It is expected that China's home medical device market, primary medical equipment and medical supplies and other fields will maintain rapid growth in the next few years, the corresponding listed companies have diving medical, Po Lai Te and Yang Pu medical and so on. And encourage innovation will give high-end medical equipment to replace the listed companies to bring the gospel, the corresponding listed companies have Le Pu medical, and good shares and so on.

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